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Basic Medication Review - $52.50** 

(*may be a benefit under Pharmacare or private drug plans)


An appointment based program which allows you to review your medications with your pharmacist 

one-on-one in the privacy of our consultation room. Your pharmacist will work with you and your 

physician to ensure you are getting the most from your medication. Both you and your physician 

will be provided an accurate and up-to-date list of all medications you are taking including vitamins 

and over-the-counter drugs. This service is recommended annually as an annual medication “check up”.

Advanced Medication Review - $150* 

(*may be a benefit under Pharmacare or private drug plans)


An appointment based program in which your pharmacist will do a complete analysis of your medication profile and work with you and your physician on optimizing your health. Your pharmacist is trained to search for drug related problems. Some examples might be a medication dose that is too low and not providing you with the benefit you need or it could be the discovery of a drug-drug interaction that 

could potentially cause you harm. At the end of this meeting your pharmacist will often produce a list 

of recommendations for improving your drug therapy that can be discussed with your doctor at your next appointment. 



Assessment and Prescribing for

Minor Ailments - $25


Pharmacists in Nova Scotia are now able to prescribe any prescription medication so long as it is being used to treat one of 32 minor ailments. This service includes an assessment of your condition, the 

writing of a prescription if applicable and follow-up from your pharmacist to ensure the medication is doing what it is supposed to do.


Some examples are listed below but please speak to your pharmacist about other conditions we 

can treat:

• Smoking Cessation

• Cold Sores

• Seasonal Allergies

• Minor Joint Pain

• Stomach Problems



Prescription Renewal Service - $5


We all try our best to get in to see our doctor to get our prescriptions renewed before the pills run out but sometimes life gets in the way. Our Prescription Renewal Service is a suite of services your pharmacist can choose from  ensuring you never have to miss a dose.   


Some examples:

• Pharmacist renewals for up to 90 days

   of medication

• Continued Care Prescription for up to 30 days      of medication

• Phoning or faxing your physician

• Advancing a few days of medications to

   hold you over



Therapeutic Substitution and Prescription Adaptation - $14


In Nova Scotia your pharmacist is now able to change your prescription (drug, dosage form, dose, 

quantity) if he or she believes it will improve your health. To guarantee optimal care, this service includes a faxed notification form to your doctor informing them of this change and a monitoring plan so that the pharmacist and patient are comfortable knowing the change has worked as well as planned. 


Offering this service can save you the hassle of making an appointment to go back and see your doctor or traveling to a walk-in clinic. 


Some examples of when this service might be valuable are situations where your 

prescribed medication:

• Is not available from the manufacturer.

   A substitute can be made to something

   that is similar and is available.

• Is not covered by your drug plan or is very            expensive. A substitute can be made for

   something that works just as well but fits better    with you budget.

• Might cause you harm or not make you better.      The pharmacist can change the dose, dosage    form or quantity to ensure you get well soon.



Compliance Packaging - FREE


Do you have trouble remembering when to take your medication? Do you have a family member that always seems to miss pills? Prescription compliance (taking your medication as prescribed) is the number one cause of adverse drug reactions. Have your medications professionally packaged by a pharmacist every month and delivered to your door so you know your loved one is taking their medications just the way they are supposed to.


Prescription Delivery - FREE





Presription E-Refills


You can now request a refill on your prescription 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by using our e-refill system at any of our locations. Patients at our Spryfield and Elmsdale locations can also refill on their prescription 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by using our automated telephone refill system.




Custom-made medications to provide precise dosage, to address allergies or intolerance to active ingredients, to provide alternative forms and flavours for easier consumption. Please visit our Compoundingsection of this website for further information.


Home Health Care


Live Mobile, Live Fully, Live Well.

At Guardian we have hundreds of home health care products available to meet your specific needs. We encourage you to ask your pharmacist about how these products can help you or someone you are caring for. For more information please visit one of our Guardian locations.


We offer purchasing or rentals of home health care solutions for:

  • Mobility

  • Compression Therapy

  • Bracing

  • Diabetic Supplies

  • Bath Safety


In-store Clinics


CertiFoot care clinics presented by

'We Care Nursing Services':

  • Elmsdale: twice monthly

  • Spryfield: twice monthly

  • Bedford: monthly (last Thursday of every month)

  • Timberlea: twice monthly


In-Store Nursing Services 


Our nurse on staff offers the following services:

  • Footcare

  • Flu Shot clinics

  • Blood Pressure/Glucose clinics

  • Fittings for Compression Stockings, Shoes & Braces


Please call your store for times or to book an appointment.


Blood Collection Clinic


  • Timberlea: Wednesday 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Ideal Protein Weight Loss Clinic 


Available in our Bedford, Elmsdale, Hatchet Lake, Rockingham, Shubenacadie, Spryfield and Timberlea locations.

Travel Medicine Advisor 


Any person, couple, family or group travelling to anywhere in the world for either work or pleasure can benefit from travel medicine vaccinations. 

Contact Jennifer to book an appointment: